2018 Basketball Manitoba 3x3 Championships

Winnipeg, Canada

2018년 6월 23일 토요일 - 2018년 6월 24일 일요일



Basketball Manitoba is pleased to announce details on its return to hosting a large 3x3 basketball tournament this year. The newly named "Manitoba 3x3 Basketball Championships" will be hosted at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre on June 23-24, 2018. The event will be open to players ages 10+ and will include the national stop of the Canada Quest 3x3 Tournament in partnership with Canada Basketball and FIBA.

Part of the event will feature the first ever High School 3x3 Basketball Provincial Championships. We encourage all Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball teams from this past season to register a team under their school name and continue their rivalries, or start new ones! Players should speak to their school coach and work with them to enter a team under your school name and wear your school colours at the Championships.

Ten indoor basketball courts will be set up inside the centre for the 2 day event and will include divisions for males and female ages 10 to adult. All skill levels from recreational to competitive are welcome to play this fast-paced and skillful game! Added special event courts will also be on hand testing your shooting, dribbling and jumping abilities. An open slam dunk competition will also be held mid day on the Saturday.

The age divisions will be capped after a certain number of team so register your 4-person team now!

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날짜2018년 6월 23일 - 2018년 6월 24일
위치Winnipeg, Canada
주소145 Pacific Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Basketball Manitoba

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